What the coronavirus crisis is teaching us

These days, crisis plans of all kinds, citizen response to contingencies, the capacity of the medical system or solidarity and empathy between countries, regions, cities and even neighborhoods are being tested. But it is also a time for fakenews, creativity, good humour, flexibility and even time to be with the family. This coronavirus thing is [...]

Sustainable web: why is it important and how to do it

When we talk about reducing the ecological impact on our planet, we usually associate it with the physical world: garbage, pollution from factories, transports, even livestock farms or intensive agriculture. But these are all challenges in the analogue world and we usually do not bear in mind that the virtual world also leaves a significant [...]

Ecobranding. When less is more

It was in 1965 that Richard Wolheim first used the term minimalist to refer to Ad Reinhardt's paintings and other objects of high intellectual content, but with less formal content. And today, in the midst of the digital era, it seems that this current is more alive than ever. It is an undeniable reality that [...]

SEO: what is it and for what we use

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or search engine optimization consists of optimizing your digital content or website so that search engines show you in the top positions according to the theme of your business. Why is it important to create an SEO strategy? Having a good content management, your business website will achieve the best search [...]

Benchmarking: the guide to begin with

As Sun Tzu said in The Art of War: if you know your enemy, you know yourself. In this section we find one of the most popular and effective practices, which is not limited to any particular area or a certain size of company: benchmarking. Many companies have been using this process for years as [...]

Communication channels, which ones are right for your company?

Content is the key, yes, but to reach our target audience is it enough to make quality content? No. Being in all media is not synonymous with more visibility. Communication channels work as a bridge between you and your audience, that's why it's important to identify the best way and the best channel to transmit [...]

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