Why brands should not go dark during the COVID-19 crisis

By Jo Detavernier. Member of the First PR Alliance Original article here The coronavirus pandemic is not a time when brands should cut back on marketing. Actually, those that can afford to should make use of the opportunity to increase their share-of-voice and thus market share. A natural reaction might be to protect profitability as […]

United for a more sustainable and supportive world

For the third consecutive year, Art Marketing renews its alliance with the Spanish Network of the UN Global Compact, being a Signatory Partner since 2017. In January 2016 the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDA) came into force, the most ambitious action plan in favour of people, planet and prosperity until 2030. Only one year […]

What the coronavirus crisis is teaching us

These days, crisis plans of all kinds, citizen response to contingencies, the capacity of the medical system or solidarity and empathy between countries, regions, cities and even neighborhoods are being tested. But it is also a time for fakenews, creativity, good humour, flexibility and even time to be with the family. This coronavirus thing is [...]

Sustainable web: why is it important and how to do it

When we talk about reducing the ecological impact on our planet, we usually associate it with the physical world: garbage, pollution from factories, transports, even livestock farms or intensive agriculture. But these are all challenges in the analogue world and we usually do not bear in mind that the virtual world also leaves a significant [...]

5 reasons why it is good that some public relations campaigns fail

I’m sure it’s no surprise that not every technology PR campaign is destined to be a success. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that some PR engagements fail to realize the potential that some customers (and their PR partners) can share. The result is often disappointing for those involved. However, not all past […]

Digital transformation and the mumps

A few years ago in the course of a master’s degree in business management I first heard the term digital transformation. The truth is that it did not catch my attention then, and as the idea has penetrated deeper into companies, I am more convinced that the “digital transformation” is a fever that can give […]

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