Startups in Spain to keep in mind for 2018

Throughout history, painters, writers, explorers, conquerors, inventors … have shown the enterprising, creative and courageous nature of the Spaniards.

The 21st century opened with a serious economic crisis, but as we say here, “hunger sharpens ingenuity” and our legendary patient and persistent character, our sense of humour, the support of the family, the ability to work in a team and the spirit of overcoming has served to thousands of people have launched to innovate and start business projects of which, sure, we will hear soon. This is our list of 10 for 2018:


Drone Hopper

DRONE HOPPER is a Spanish start-up company devoted to design and manufacture heavy-duty drones to be used on agricultural and firefighting operations capable to transport any kind of liquid in important volumes. It was created by the Spanish engineer Pablo Flores. The systems of the firefighting drone incorporate thermographic cameras and navigation systems that permit real time information on the most advantageous point for the fire extinction plus terrain and atmospheric conditions. Can operate 24/7 (including night operation) in a seamlessly coordinated manner and without putting any human life at risk. Much more efficiently than ever as the water is nebulized directly above the seat of fire for its extinction.

DRONE HOPPER has received funding both from the European Union (SME Instrument under Horizon 2020 programme) and the Spanish Ministry of Industry (ENISA) and is also incubated by the ESA (European Space Agency) as a winner of the ESNC (European Satellite Navigation Competition). Also, other awards like the ONE Magazine “Valor Seguro” winner and the Innovation Award winner by the Spanish Aersopace Engineering Association have selected DRONE HOPPER in 2016.
Recently, a big step towards the production of commercial units has come through the CDTI call for INNOGLOBAL & International Technological Cooperation Projects with India to develop URBAN HOPPER platform, designed to counter urban & city fires worldwide.


GoodShape is a dream of Víctor Jimenez a Doctor in Sports science who founded a company specialized in the design and implementation of physical exercise programs at work. They believe in the power of physical exercise to change lives and improve businesses, because when we are in shape, we can achieve what we set out to do!

At Good Shape the specilist design physical exercise programs at workplaces. They always work with a scientific base and the latest advances in physical exercise, work centers, welfare culture, resilience, transformation … and of course with a team duly qualified for the development of scientific, academic and technical tasks.

They take into account the needs of each company and achieve maximum effectiveness in any location taking advantage of an evidenced system, using new technologies and research methods to achieve maximum improvement in the variables that concern companies.


Founded by the versatile entrepreneur Juan Luis Cerrajero, Net & get is an application that only has a few months of life but that already starts to have an interesting user base. This is a marketplace that combines the traditional business model of second-hand buying / selling in its version plus Pro adding new categories, with the model of discount coupons that have been so successful over the years but in a different format. In this way, net & get wants to bring value to both individuals and companies. It’s totally free!

Net & get goes beyond products and is also the place to advertise or find professional services, job advertisements and training, motor, technology, sports, leisure, gastronomy and travel. In net & get any business, commerce, online store, restaurant … you can create your own coupons with offers and discounts that will appear in net & get where any user of the platform will be able to see it, buy it, share it …  Besides, Net & get includes the functionality of making payments and shipments through LemonPay.


Chargy is a new and powerful tool of BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE, which collects and analyzes data in real time through an innovative and elegant wireless charging device for smartphones, designed to be installed in offices, businesses and public spaces. Chargy ensure that spaces, customers and brands are in perfect harmony benefiting each other thanks to wireless technology.

The Spanish company was created in March 2016, driven by Banco Santander and Tribal Worldwide whose main asset is its young human team lead by the young Laura Lozano and her partner Héctor M. Morell who are the co-founders

The R&D  are the fundamental pillars of CHARGY TECHNOLOGIES that have contributed decisively to its growth and consolidation. The Smart solutions are based on the new paradigm of the Internet of Things: they design, build and deploy solutions for both hardware development in the field of wireless technology and software in the field of data analysis.


Tot-em, an European jewelry company that believes in spreading positive messages and enhancing human connections. They transforms sound waves (voice, a favorite song, sea-waves or even the heartbeat of someone special) into minimalistic jewelry. This allow people to carry meaningful messages and memories with them.

Their target are millennials that fight for what is right, that believe in change and want to connect in a deeper way with their couples, family and friends 


DEKI Products was born with the objective of creating ideas and products that make our daily life easy and comfortable. Deki is made possible by a large group of professionals and engineers with years of experience in product development.

Deki has created a range of childcare products that match the company’s main values: INNOVATION, TECNOLOGY, SAFETY and PRACTICALITY. These are the company’s main products:

  • The BabyBalanZ, Automatic Rocker, is an innovative system that enables your baby to be rocked in his pram or stroller, while you get on with other things.
  • The Dry&Go Umbrella Holder
  • The MultiHolder Clip



Snapcity is a Mobile App that connects Visitors with Locals through real-time chat. It´s a win-win situation: Visitors get local information about the city and precious recommendations to improve their travel experience.

  • Locals can win gratifications and rewards while sharing information about the city they love.
  • SnapCity is already live in Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Porto, Azores and Madeira.

London, Paris, Berlin and Rome are going live in January. Until the end of 2018 SnapCity aims to be a global solution, available in all the most visited cities in the world.


Civitatis is the leading company in online distribution of guided tours, excursions and activities in Spanish in the main destinations of the world. With more than 2,800 activities in 200 destinations, Civitatis is the project of Alberto Gutiérrez, a young entrepreneur of 34 years who has managed to combine the experiences of his travels and his passion for the internet in a successful model. Passionate, competitive and very focused on providing the best experiences to the client with an easy and intuitive hiring process, Civitatis has grown to exceed one million satisfied customers in 2017. In 2018, it expects to reach 45 million euros in turnover, consolidating its leadership in the Spanish-speaking market and initiating operations in other languages ​​(Italian, Portuguese, French, Italian) as well as continuing to open physical stores.

The key to success has been two details: offer the best possible content (all content has been written by us traveling to each destination), and optimize the web to the maximum (to reduce loading times and improve user satisfaction). With these premises as a base and with a constant work we have managed to have the most visited websites in Spanish on thematic trips (, or to name a few). Once we had that traffic, getting it out was the easy part and only left to make a mark to put the brand at the height of the company.

Pacific Ron

Who said that you could not innovate in the traditional world of rum?

Pacific Ron is a brand created by Daniel Hernández, a Spaniard in Panama, with a novel image and a mild flavor that makes it very easy to enjoy. The R & D in the production, the selection of the raw material and the distillate, endow the product with special characteristics in which a large part of the product undesirable volatile elements has been eliminated by a grinding rectification process defined by the master ronero.

In addition, Pacific is a brand committed with the society and therefore, of each bottle sold, a percentage goes assigned to a local NGO from the place of purchase. The company encourage their clients to participate in the choice of the charitable cause to which they are going to allocate those funds.



The experience and passion for flying of two aviation professionals led them to create this company that promotes, by renting and selling, the private flight within reach of any pocket, using ultralight devices.

ULM Helicopter Rental for Schools or Businesses. Under the modality of purchase of packages of annual hours “take or pay”. Hedespa takes care of all the scheduled and specific maintenance service, the renewal of components, except consumables (fuel, oil and coolant) as well as the insurance of the aircraft. With contracts of 5 years or 2000 flight hours, at the end of the contract we renew the helicopter to the client, leaving us with the used aircraft. It is the ideal option for schools, reducing the tax cost and always having an updated aircraft and with all the guarantees of the manufacturer for daily operation. The best option for individuals and Flight Clubs that want a platform with low amortization, operation and maintenance costs. Innovation for easy and cheap fights is the challenge for this two senior entrepreneurs.


By Beatriz de Andrés, CEO Art Marketing

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