Ethical marketing and communication plan with cause

Corporate social responsibility has become a fundamental part of business; however, it is not enough to simply carry it out, as it loses relevance if it is not properly communicated.

When you write a social responsibility (SR) report or when you commit to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDA) or carry out circular economy (CE) actions, you find that a fundamental part is not only the implementation of the actions, but also how to make them known. It takes a lot of work for companies to propose all these initiatives to just leave them in the office. All strategies focused on CSR must scale up, flow and expand far beyond the company itself and translate into investment with positive returns.

In fact, one of the opportunities generated by ODS or the circular economy is access to new markets through innovation or social policies, through new ideas and perspectives that save costs and generate margin. Achievements, new business models and good actions must be intelligently communicated in order to put them into value depending on our interlocutors and priority stakeholders. The communication of CSR must be adapted to each stakeholder, but at the same time maintaining an overall coherence, the absence of which could create doubts about the sincerity of the commitment to CSR.

In short, companies today must have an Ethical Marketing and Communication with Cause Plan that includes a map of stakeholders and a work to generate profiles as possible audiences: How do we communicate with them? What objectives do I have for each group? What channels are the most appropriate to reach them in the most efficient way? What resources do I have? In addition to contemplating a series of strategies and actions aimed at sustainability, diversity, ethics, transparency and the rest of the principles of social responsibility and good corporate governance.

Making a company’s good practices known can strengthen the relationship with our audiences, even turning them into ambassadors and defenders of the brand.

By Beatriz de Andrés, CEO of Art Marketing